Systems Implementation Project Management

Our project managers understand the overload of tasks that go into project management with the goal of keeping the plans on track within time, budget, and scope. For larger scale projects like systems implementation, the number of moving parts and value that goes into this project means a well thought out strategy with a skilled project manager who has the right experience is a necessity. Our project managers can ensure that the project scope is defined, a realistic project plan is developed and managed to achieve project goals within the determined timeline and budget at a quality that meets your needs.

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Effective Systems Implementation Management

Managing a Systems Implementation project is a huge undertaking and if you lack the resources or experience to oversee the day-to-day tasks of keeping your implementation on track, you are likely to waste time and money. Our project managers at Connect Business Solutions specialize in systems implementation. With our knowledge your business can successfully go through a timely implementation that will streamline your processes supporting your business development.

Our efficient project management will save you time and money as well as help you develop a realistic plan so you can reach your target on time. We have excellent organizational skills allowing us to manage and track multiple projects simultaneously. We are also skilled in problem solving allowing us to anticipate any issues before they occur or solve them before they turn critical. You can trust our team to manage your systems implementation projects for you.

Our Team of Experts in One Resource

Connect Business Solutions has the right project manager for your implementation with the resources to anticipate or solve any issues. Our team of systems implementation specialists can offer insight, strategies, and best practices so that not only would you get a deeply skilled Systems Implementation Project Manager, but also the value of an entire team of experts in one resource. Our expert project managers have excellent communication skills so we can easily communicate complex information in an understandable manner to technical and nontechnical stakeholders. We can oversee this large project for you allowing you to continue focusing on growing a more efficient business.

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Microsoft Business Central

Connect Business Solutions, LLC specializes in Microsoft Business Central, a business management software designed to streamline your business processes by automating procedures and making it easier for you to manage your foundational responsibilities. Features of Business Central that we really focus on are Finance and Financial Business Intelligence. With these features, we can help take a snapshot of your business utilizing comprehensive reporting features with easy-to-understand dashboards to help you visualize what is currently happening in your organization’s accounting so that you can make better decisions with your finances.

Connect Business Solutions, LLC 

Accounting is a pilar of foundation for your organization, the accuracy of your financial records is integral for your business to stay compliant with current laws and regulations. Connect Business Solutions, LLC is happy to provide you with peace of mind with the help of our specialized accounting professionals who have several years of experience in all facets of accounting. You can trust us to understand what your company needs are and manage it for you so that you can focus on growing your company.