Payroll & Transaction Recording

Having employees means you are now in charge of payroll processing. With that comes the stressful tasks of calculating payroll correctly, filing federal and state payroll taxes, being compliant with quarterly reports, including several other compliance items. Small businesses struggle finding a payroll clerk who has the comprehensive experience to manage a full-service payroll process. The solution is working with a payroll service provider, their experts can manage your payroll giving you the peace of mind that your legal obligations are met allowing you to focus on other business needs. Connect Business Solutions, LLC is happy to provide recommendations to dependable PEOs. We have good relationships with service providers who specialize in HR management and payroll processes. We are confident they can manage your payroll and transaction recordings accurately and diligently. Working with a payroll service provider clears all doubt that your payroll, records, taxes, and statements are being done properly. Our recommended PEOs can handle all payroll services, so we are confident they can handle everything in your payroll processing.

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What Can a Payroll Service Provide?

Payroll Processing – You no longer need to worry about tracking wage rates, shift differential, overtime, and holiday pay. Our resources will manage all pay calculations as well as handle Social Security, taxes, and benefit deductions. They will ensure that your employees are getting paid on time every pay period.

Paying and Filing Taxes – Our recommended payroll service providers will accurately manage and pay employees’ tax withholdings to local, state, and federal agencies in addition to generating your quarterly payroll tax reports and issuing W-2 and 1099 forms at year end.

PTO Management – PEOs can track the vacation and sick time that your employees have earned and used.
Benefits management – Our resources can take on all administrative tasks for managing benefits. This includes health insurance, PTO, paternal leave, and retirement accounts.

Payroll Reporting – The recommended payroll service provider will put together thorough reports for you to review. You will have full transparency of what is going on with your payroll and can confidently trust that these tasks are being taken care of.

New-Hire Reporting – Federal law requires you to submit new hire reports, our recommended PEOs will satisfy this requirement for you so you do not have to worry about staying compliant.

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Accounting is a pillar of foundation for your organization, the accuracy of your financial records is integral for your business to stay compliant with current laws and regulations. Connect Business Solutions, LLC is happy to provide you with peace of mind with the help of our specialized accounting professionals who have several years of experience in all facets of accounting. You can trust us to understand what your company needs are and manage it for you so that you can focus on growing your company.

Microsoft Business Central

Connect Business Solutions specializes in Microsoft Business Central, a business management software designed to streamline your business process by automating procedures and making it easier for you to manage your foundational responsibilities. The functions of Business Central that we really focus on are Finance and Financial Business Intelligence. With these features, we can help take a snapshot of your business with comprehensive reporting features and easy to understand dashboards to help you visualize what is currently happening in your organization’s accounting so that you can make better decisions with your finances. For Payroll services CBS can also utilize the Human Resources business functionality to maintain detailed employee records that can generate thorough reports for you to analyze.