Reduce Your Burden During Your Business Carve-Out

A business carve-out has significant financial implications, so you want to be confident that the process is done in a compliant manner. Our consultants at Connect Business Solutions have experience in handling complicated accounting issues that come with business carve-out. We are specialists that can lend our expertise by providing a wide range of services to help you navigate the complex financial aspects of a carve-out. Let us reduce the burden and stress within your organization during this transition.

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Confidently Manage Areas of Risk and Compliance Issues During your Carve-Out

There are several financial aspects tied to a business carve-out causing it to be overwhelming for any business. Dividing up transactions and resources into separate legal entities, valuations, along with tax implications are just a few of the many financial responsibilities that need to be taken care of to encourage a smooth carve-out.

We are very capable of advising you through your transition because our accounting experts have worked through business carve-outs before as we have assisted businesses such as law firms split apart their practice areas into their own legal entities.

Carve-outs are a lengthy process encompassing areas of risk as well as compliance issues. Our team of accountants can perform a thorough analysis of your business financial statements to pinpoint areas where your business can improve financial performance, increase revenue, or reduce costs. Our team can help you prepare for due diligence by discovering any potential liabilities, reviewing contracts and agreements, as well as assessing financial reporting quality.

We know how to help minimize tax liabilities while advising on tax planning strategies. Trust in our team to ensure compliance with applicable financial and accounting reporting standards or any other regulatory requirements. We can advise you on transition development planning and help prepare financial reports required by investors, lenders, and other stakeholders.

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Microsoft Business Central

Connect Business Solutions, LLC specializes in Microsoft Business Central, a business management software designed to streamline your business processes by automating procedures and making it easier for you to manage your foundational responsibilities.

Features of Business Central that we really focus on are Finance and Financial Business Intelligence. With these features, we can help take a snapshot of your business utilizing comprehensive reporting features with easy-to-understand dashboards to help you visualize what is currently happening in your organization’s accounting so that you can make better decisions with your finances.

Connect Business Solutions, LLC

Accounting is a pillar of foundation for your organization, the accuracy of your financial records is integral for your business to stay compliant with current laws and regulations. Connect Business Solutions, LLC is happy to provide you with peace of mind with the help of our specialized accounting professionals who have several years of experience in all facets of accounting. You can trust us to understand your company needs and manage it for you so that you can focus on growing your company.