RFP Development & Vendor Selection

The RFP process is difficult to navigate if you lack the resources or experience but is a necessity when you have ERP system projects that hold high impact, high value, and require detailed strategy. Connect Business Solutions has an expert team that can help guide you through the RFP process to help you find a vendor who is competitive, presents the best plan, and can deliver satisfactory performance completing the project. Our team of experts understands the research and preparation that goes into creating an RFP along with the experience creating RFPs that support transparency and shared expectations. We recognize the time and attention it takes to thoroughly evaluate the proposals you receive, trust in our team to fully vet each proposal with your stakeholders in mind as we choose the qualified vendor that will minimize risk and cost. Connect Business Solutions has consultants and IT experts that can interview and consult with your team to understand your business needs and goals, allowing us to choose the right vendor for your ERP system.

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Get Competitive Pricing on Proposals

Whether you are looking to make a large system upgrade or would like to gather perspectives and have specific questions for vendors, we can help you develop clear objectives and create RFPs that encourage vendor response. Our experienced team can help you get competitive pricing on proposals, ensure a fair decision-making process, together with managing and understanding the complex needs of your organization. We also reduce risk by ensuring that vendors are secure and compliant with industry standards.

If you need a competitive and fair proposal process or are required by government regulations to get multiple bids or proposals for projects, Connect Business Solutions is there for you. Our team has the experience to help you gather requirements, determine your inputs and outputs, along with identifying what the functionalities of your business needs are to lead you through a successful RFP development and vendor selection process.

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Accounting is a pillar of foundation for your organization, the accuracy of your financial records is integral for your business to stay compliant with current laws and regulations. Connect Business Solutions, LLC is happy to provide you with peace of mind with the help of our specialized accounting professionals who have several years of experience in all facets of accounting. You can trust us to understand what your company needs are and manage it for you so that you can focus on growing your company.

Microsoft Business Central 

Connect Business Solutions, LLC specializes in Microsoft Business Central, a business management software designed to streamline your business processes by automating procedures and making it easier for you to manage your foundational responsibilities. Features of Business Central that we really focus on are Finance and Financial Business Intelligence. With these features, we can help take a snapshot of your business utilizing comprehensive reporting features with easy-to-understand dashboards to help you visualize what is currently happening in your organization’s accounting so that you can make better decisions with your finances.