Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 2 Release Highlights

In the 2022 Wave 2 release, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will now make it possible for you to manage operations in more than 100 countries and regions, which has been achieved through partner-led localization. If you’re not already using the solution, you will find it’s simpler to onboard your users with easier access to the right apps to get them started.

And for those already using Business Central, Microsoft is improving the tool tips and the usability by making it easier to navigate menus.

Here’s a quick rundown of new features and improvements:

Enhanced Software Development

Microsoft has moved Business Central entirely to Visual Studio, which will lower the cost of any developers you work with by increasing their productivity. Microsoft is also adding visual abstractions on top of the Visual Studio code. This will enable more efficient management of code objects across projects and workspaces and more efficient responses to requests from productivity partners. Microsoft is also building new constructs for writing more performant code as well as defining a more flexible and more consistent action pane structure in client device software.

Easier Power Platform Integrations

Microsoft continues to improve the way Business Central integrates with the Power Platform: Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, Logic Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Dataverse. This bridges Business Central with a modern toolset that empowers both your technical and your “citizen” developers to easily connect Business Central to other systems. As an example, to increase automation, the Power Automate feature lets users set up workflows in Business Central to streamline specific business processes.

Streamlined Financial Processes

Business Central continues to improve bank reconciliation—including an enhanced test report and the addition of a statement report with two sections for outstanding reconciliations. You can also automate the process to check ledger entries, and you can reverse entries from posted payment reconciliation journals if you need to recover the books from mistakes. If you use check payments, you can now set up multiple remit addresses for vendors. And to make financial reporting more transparent, Microsoft is renaming account schedules to financial reporting and creating a better overview of available reports.

More Flexible Reporting

When your users run reports in Business Central with an Excel layout, they can now choose the layout in the report’s request page. For example, if a report has several layouts, users can choose the one they want when they run the report. There’s also an API for the finance area that can be consumed in both Excel and Power BI. This lets users create more detailed analysis of data from the general ledger and budgets.

New Governance and Administration Capabilities

Business Central will provide a new set of admin and governance capabilities to help you set up, secure, manage, govern, and monitor your environment. It will also be easier to keep up with service notifications and to automate operational management across multiple business entities. You can also more easily recover any environments that were recently deleted to keep your data safe.

Benefits for Users and Administrators

Whether your Business Central users connect from a desktop app, browser, or mobile device, they will see improved accessibility, performance, and stability in the fall release. And your system administrators will appreciate the improved communication about the health of your Business Central IT environment.

From an e-Commerce standpoint, improved Shopify integrations with finance and supply chain workflows will enable you to more efficiently fulfill customer orders. Microsoft has also improved the efficiency of collaborative business processes in Teams so Business Central users can pin cards inside Teams and the Excel add-in. To learn more about the 2022 Wave 2 Release, check out Microsoft’s overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2022 Release Wave 2.

Not on Business Central yet?

If you’re currently on a legacy on-prem ERP, have outgrown your accounting software, or are looking to consolidate your systems, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the leading business management solution for SMBs and provides a single unified solution to connect your systems and enhance financial visibility, forecast accuracy, and security.

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